Men’s Health

You are not alone, urologic problems can be embarassing but they are very common! We are concerned about our patients health and are hear to help you. Follow the links below to learn more about problems that you may be experiencing.

  • Robotic Surgery – Learn more about how robotics give you less invasive surgical options.
  • Vasectomy – Information about an office procedure for permanent birth control.
  • Erectile Dysfunction – Find out about this very common problem that millions of men are getting treated for.
  • Penis Issues – Information about problems such as curvature of the penis or circumcision.
  • Prostate issues – Going to the bathroom doesn’t need to be a chore, learn about this here.
  • Bladder issues – Learn more about infections and leakage of urine
  • Testicular issues – Information on testicular cancer, scrotal cysts and pain as well as others.
  • Kidney issues – Information on kidney disorders and new treatments of small tumors.
  • Blood in the urine – Find out about the evaulation and significance of blood in the urine.
  • Urinary infections – Learn more of possible caueses and treatments of urinary infections.
  • Stone disease – Information on stones and how you can benefit from evaluation before you have pain.